Things I Love Thursday!

bare trees

♥ Meeting Karmin for the 2nd time! Those guys are always so sweet!
♥ Finally being back at my desk and having a window
♥ American Hustle
♥ My Little Family
♥ Date Nights
♥ Finding a really awesome deal on a GHD straightener…PROBLEM SOLVED!
♥ Really enjoying my RCIA class & the people that I sit with. Class was great this week!
♥ New Room arrangements & not being woken up multiple times by our upstairs neighbors!
♥ Watching my dog dive into a snowbank only to realize that he was stuck
♥ 3 year Anniversary w/ the BF. He’s wonderful. 🙂
♥ Finding new and exciting things to make for breakfast.
♥ Catching up on finances.
♥ Warm(ish) weather!
♥ Target Trips

What did YOU love this week??


Weekly Workout Diary!



And here we go! I got back to the gym this week and conquered my fears of losing all of the fitness I gained last year.  Truth is, it wasn’t all that bad. I had a little pain in my knee, but it was from running in the snow with the dog the other day…So I wasn’t too concerned. No IT Band issues, no major hip issues (it felt a bit twingy, but nothing some stretching can’t help).  The last time that I ran was November 17th. The date of my last race. It’s been a while.

Saturday- Wanted to go, but didn’t because I’ve been exhausted lately, and after working 2 10 hr days in a row, I came home from my work shift and crashed.

Sunday- Again, wanted to, but a late start to run errands (that I had been putting off all week because of blizzards, record low temps, and work) didn’t help with fitting it into my schedule.

Monday- SUCCESS! Got up early, stretched, and took off toward the gym. I wanted to start slowly on purpose to make sure that I didn’t strain anything off the bat. My goal was 2 miles. I use my Nike+ app while I run in the gym, but unless I carry it in my hand, it doesn’t calculate the mileage correctly. It’s pretty annoying.
Run Summary- ” More like 2.3 miles…but back at it!”

Tuesday- Rest day

Wednesday- Managed to get up and out again. Decided I wanted to try to run a 5k. Absolutely no issues and for some reason, the time seemed to tick by quickly! I was in luck!
Run Summary- “This app is awful with treadmills! 3.2 miles! Phew!”

Thursday- Rest day

Friday- Set my alarm with the hopes that after another snow storm, the roads would be clear enough for me to come and go quickly to the gym. They were not. I compromised a little by doing stretches, IT Band exercises, and foam rolling.  I meant to get my crunches and leg exercises started again…but it didn’t happen.

This is when I start getting frustrated with the whole treadmill thing. They are a 10 minute drive away…which doesn’t sound bad, but I have to compete with early morning traffic. Not only do I live down the street from a High School, the main road that PF is on is packed with rush hour drivers. Then factor all the snow we’ve been having into that (and the fact that our city barely keeps the roads clear)! On a clear day, I have to give myself a half hour to get home…most of the time spent sitting at a single light multiple times. It does get really annoying. I’m going to make a point at getting myself out of the house faster so that I can maximize my actual gym time. I am not a morning person.

Have I mentioned that I hate Winter? I do.

How was your workout week?
What are your feelings about Winter?
Do you run outside in the snow? on a Treadmill?

Weekly Workout Diary!


ANNNNDDDD She’s back!

So my 2 week hiatus/mandatory (according to my knee) rest period has ended! I know I have to take the rest of the year easy and will be doing that. But at least I’m back out on the streets!

Saturday- Went to the gym for my first time out. Taped my knee up with KT tape (for ITBS Pain)  and started out using the elliptical for a warm up. I did .25 on the elliptical and moved to the treadmill for a mile. I got to about .60 miles and my knee started burning. It was a really odd feeling. I walked the rest of the way and did another .25 on the elliptical. Total of 1.5 miles.

Sunday- Rest day.  Did some Thera-band exercises for hip strength.

Monday- Rest day. Wanted to make sure my knee was okay before starting again.

Tuesday- Attempted a short run outside. No KT Tape. Was actually a really beautiful fall morning and that along with running 2.57 miles with no pain, made for a really great start to the day! I even got to wear my Blue Mizuno light weight Jacket!
Run Summary- “Yayyy! Slow, but no pain!! :)”

Wednesday- Rest day. Did Some Thera-band exercises. These things are so simple…but a really great tool for small strength movements. I can feel it working. This, along with foam rolling and stretching are now my anti-injury routine!

Thursday-  After rain all day on Wednesday,  I tackled running outdoors in the freezing cold. I figured I’d have to deal with it for the rest of the month at least…so I just bundled up and threw some gloves on! I was thinking of doing my 3+ mile routine, but decided that I shouldn’t push too much yet. I ended up doing 2.9 miles without any pain. (Just the numbness in my ears!) I’m actually quite excited to be back out…even if it’s a bit chilly.
Run Summary- “Another run… No issues! Cold though!”

Friday- Rest day. Will be doing some Band exercises before the day is out.

I’m taking this slow and just going back to the basic goal of completing a number of races this year. I have a 5k tomorrow and a 10k next weekend. I then only have the Christmas Story Virtual Race left to think about. I’ll do what I feel like I can handle that day and go easy. Then the plan is to rest up for another few weeks and continue my exercises so I can start my 2014 without any worries!

How was your week??

Anything exciting planned for the weekend?

What’s the best thing about running/being out in the cold?