The Worst Things…

I just came across this video that talks about the worst things that can happen on your run. Leaving injury out of it. This list is pretty accurate.

I know I’ve always suffered from the itchy legs, traffic dance, and cramping. And let’s not even talk about interactions! UGH!

What are some of the worst (little) things that happen to you on your runs/workouts?


Music Monday!

It’s a dreary and cold day here in Michigan, and things aren’t great, fitness-wise….so that’s when it’s time to play happy music to pull you out of the doldrums!
This song is my #1 happy song. It reminds me to look at the good things that I have and not to dwell on the crappy stuff that inevitably happens in life. “Pencil Full of Lead” by Paolo Nutini is such a fantastic song and it has a place on my race playlist to remind myself to enjoy it all. The video is pretty strange…but the dancers have cute outfits! 🙂


What is your go-to happy song?