Things I Love Thursday!


This week has been rough.  Let’s talk about the good stuff.

♥ My little family- Always put s a smile on my face.
♥ Making Cupcakes
♥ Eating Cupcakes
♥ Completing a challenge
♥ Chocolate
♥ Being cozy
♥ Excited puppies
♥ Learning
♥ Hugs
♥ Really awesome episodes of good TV shows
♥ Mexican food (esp. Burrito Bowls)
♥ Date nights
♥ People who follow/listen to instructions
♥ That it’s not dark out when I leave work anymore
♥ Support

What do YOU love this week?


Things I Love Thursday!


♥  Halloween!
♥  Chocolate Dipped Pretzels
♥  Tall cups of tea
♥  Curly Hair
♥  Grateful people
♥  Learning new things
♥  My Little Family
♥  Soup
♥  Planning my next race outfit
♥  Puppy Cuddle Time
♥  Blankets
♥  Rubber Stamps

What Things do you Love This week??

What’s your Halloween costume?

I was black widow for a party and I’m a kind of “Platinum” Minnie Mouse at work today!


Try This: Southwest Stuffed Peppers




The Friday before my half marathon, I had an apartment full of people! I needed to make something that was healthy and somewhat simple to make lots of. I had come across a recipe for this months earlier, but since the BF doesn’t eat many veggies, it’s been hard to try out. I figured I’d give it a go and it turned out pretty awesome!  

I loosely followed a few different recipes for this, but managed to figure it out myself. Here is a pretty decent looking recipe if you are in need of one!

Minute Brown rice
Ground Turkey
Canned Black Beans
Frozen Corn
Veggie Broth
Red Bell Peppers
Mexican mix shredded cheese
Sour Cream
Salsa or Hot Sauce
(you could also add Hot Peppers, Cilantro, Onion, Taco Seasoning, Garlic, or Scallions!)


I started by cooking the rice and the turkey in separate pans. Then dumped them into a big enough pan (stir fry pans work well) to combine all the ingredients.

While this was heating I cut up all the peppers (cut the stems off) and cleaned them. Then I parboiled the peppers until they lightened in color. 

In the large stir fry pan, I added the pre-cooked corn, beans (no need to cook), and tomatoes to the rice and turkey.  When everything was mixed, I added about a 1/2 a cup of the veggie broth and mixed it on a medium heat until it sizzled. I also added in some salt and pepper.

When the mixture was heated, I filled the peppers that I placed in a big baking dish. I have seen the peppers both cut in half and kept whole in different recipes, but figured they’d be easier to eat and more attractive in half. 

The oven was Preheated to 350°. I covered the dish with foil and let them cook for about 30 minutes. 

When removed from the oven, cover with however much cheese you think is necessary (I do a lot, so it kind of defeats the purpose of them being healthy…but… Cheese.). Turn the oven off and place the uncovered dish back in the oven for 5 minutes  (or just keep an eye on it until you think it should come out).
Serve with Sour Cream, Salsa, and Hot Sauce. Or whatever else you think would go well on them! 

I had A LOT Of stuffing left over and ate it for dinner for the next week or so. YUMMY LEFTOVERS! YAY!

Have you tried these before?
What’s your favorite go-to large dinner meal?
Any suggestions to make this even better?

Things I Love Thursday!


♥  My Little family
♥  Comfy warm sweatshirts
♥ Quaint little stores
♥  Resting after a long week
♥  My Parents
♥  Halloween Decorations
♥  Accomplishments
♥  Funny race spectator signs
♥ “I love your stupid face”
♥  Surprise cute streets
♥  Sparkly Wings
♥  A really good meal
♥  Freihofer’s Cookies
♥ Bunny Ear Cell Phone Cases
♥ New Friends?
♥  Motivation
♥  Free Bagels
♥  Successfully making a recipe for the 1st time
♥  Long Hugs

Things I Love Thursday!


This week I am grateful for…

♥  Candy Corn (although I haven’t had any yet this year…I just like the thought of it.)
♥  Stretching and Resting
♥  My Little Family
♥  Lunch at work with my guys
♥  Warm Sunshine
♥  A good night sleep
♥  Apple Cider with Butterscotch Schnapps
♥  Being back at my desk at work
♥  Productive Sundays
♥  Stocked Refrigerators
♥  Tentative Race Schedules for next year
♥  Cake.
♥  Laughing Cow Cheese and Grape Jelly on Toast
♥  Pumpkin and Apple Flavored things!

How about you?! What are you loving this week??

Things I Love Thursday!

tumblr_static_tangled_lanterns (1)It’s Back! My favorite kind of blog post. I couldn’t blog 5 days a week without this little gem on Thursdays. So without further ado…The things that I love this week!

♦ My Little family…Those guys are my favorite
♦ My job. It’s the same as any office job, but I’m lucky to enjoy the people I work with
♦ My Running shoes. Oh Pink and Green Mizunos…I really do love you.
♦ Dexter…All Caught up! 3 episodes remain!
♦ BBC Radio1 Listening to it in the morning is sometimes the highlight of my day.
♦ Brownie Filled Chips Ahoy…OHHHH DEAARRRR
♦ Fall Weather, Summer wasn’t great, but I’m happy Fall is lovely so far!
♦ Plans
♦ My sewing machine…It occasionally doesn’t do what I want it to, but I still love it.
♦ Curling up in blankets at the end of a long day
♦ Big Fruity Alcoholic Beverages
♦ My Other job. I really do enjoy it, even on hot, sweaty, loud, busy days.
♦ Sleeping in

What did you Love this week?