Things I Love Thursday!

bare trees

♥ Meeting Karmin for the 2nd time! Those guys are always so sweet!
♥ Finally being back at my desk and having a window
♥ American Hustle
♥ My Little Family
♥ Date Nights
♥ Finding a really awesome deal on a GHD straightener…PROBLEM SOLVED!
♥ Really enjoying my RCIA class & the people that I sit with. Class was great this week!
♥ New Room arrangements & not being woken up multiple times by our upstairs neighbors!
♥ Watching my dog dive into a snowbank only to realize that he was stuck
♥ 3 year Anniversary w/ the BF. He’s wonderful. 🙂
♥ Finding new and exciting things to make for breakfast.
♥ Catching up on finances.
♥ Warm(ish) weather!
♥ Target Trips

What did YOU love this week??


Things I Love Thursday!


♥ Warm things on cold days
♥ A crazy twist in a story
♥ Team Jack and Cheryl! (Dancing with the stars!)
♥ My little family
♥ New Calendars
♥ Being Organized
♥ Healthy dinners
♥ Being Silly
♥ Lunchtime naps
♥ Completing goals
♥ Making plans

What are some things that you loved this week?