The Worst Things…

I just came across this video that talks about the worst things that can happen on your run. Leaving injury out of it. This list is pretty accurate.

I know I’ve always suffered from the itchy legs, traffic dance, and cramping. And let’s not even talk about interactions! UGH!

What are some of the worst (little) things that happen to you on your runs/workouts?


2 thoughts on “The Worst Things…

  1. Today was my worst – my shorts were too small and kept riding up between my legs! Made me so self-conscious not to mention worried about chafing! Those went directly in the trash!

    • OH NO! I HATE that! I had to buy a pair of tight shorts to avoid all the riding up! Gym shorts are great if you aren’t doing too much…but when you run….no go! Hope you have better luck with another pair! 🙂

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