Music Monday!

I finally did it. I started.  My 2014 running year has officially begun with a 2 mile treadmill run this morning. I’m exhausted! Hopefully I get right back into my routine and don’t have to rely on caffeine too much in the next few weeks!

And with that! Time for a new song to add to your playlist! “Acapella” by Karmin! I had the chance to meet them for work in 2012 and they were super nice to everyone and did a fantastic performance! They have a huge chunk of songs on my playlist and I swear I heard one of their songs at least 3 times during my 10 mile run last August and didn’t mind one bit! I highly recommend them!  Enjoy!

Any new songs that you’ve discovered lately? Tell me about them!


5 thoughts on “Music Monday!

    • Thanks! Yeah! There were a lot of bands at the show I worked, but I was most excited to meet them! Glad to see that they are releasing more stuff soon! 🙂 p.s. they are gonna be in Detroit in February I think!

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