2014 Plans


My rest period is complete! After dealing with some injuries and general fatigue I decided that after my races were done for 2013, I would give it a rest for a while…and I did! Somehow I’ve made it since November 17th (my last race…) until now without running. It’s been kind of nice to sleep in the extra little bit every day and not have to go out in the cold to try to fit in gym time. But now I’m a bit stressed out about starting back up.

I’m worried that I’ve lost a good chunk of my fitness and that my injuries will flare up due to me not doing any kind of rehab exercises over my break (oops!). I’m sure I’ll catch back up in time for my first race (more on that in a sec.) and if I do my exercises, they will help more than not doing them at all…so I just have to start. I might hit the gym before the big snowstorm starts tomorrow night. Fingers crossed!

SO! My goals as far as races go this year…Here’s what I’m thinking so far…

April- Martian Invasion of the Races 10k
A medium type race to get me started, if I don’t randomly run a 5k sometime in March.

May- Kona Novi Half Marathon
I’m really going to focus on getting my half Marathon distance up to par this year. I tried last year, but was a bit naive when it came to how my body was actually feeling and functioning. But now that I know, I think I can do it. Plus everyone tells me that this is a flat course with no scary hills!

August- Camp Chingachgook Half Marathon
I used to work at a YMCA Camp on Lake George in Upstate New York…They have a very small Half marathon and 10k every year. If I can get back to NY for the weekend, I will run this race. The road it goes down is so scenic. I’ve been dying to run this one!


October- Detroit Free Press International Half Marathon
I’ve already registered for this as an early bird (Got in about an hour before it sold out…PHEW!)! After “running” it last year…I want to redeem myself. And since it only cost me $55 this year, there is no reason not to. Hopefully I can actually physically run it this year!

Everything else will be filled in with what I can do and what I have time for! I’m excited to try a few new races and see how it goes. But I’m not stacking my calendar for 2014 until I know what I’m capable of doing (considering injuries). I know that my new shoes help a lot and the last 10k that I ran went great with no issues. So if I can just keep it all up again, that’s what I’m going for this year!

Also, Look what I did last week!Β Wall

My 2013 race wall! I’ll add to it when I can this year..but those are all 11 of my bibs and all 6 of my medals (also a pin and dog tag) from my races! I’m quite excited to have it going and it looks so nice. Just makes me happy looking at it!

What are your goals for this year (fitness & otherwise)?
How long do you usually rest for (if you do)?


4 thoughts on “2014 Plans

  1. I love how you displayed your race bibs! So cute! Mine are all over my refrigerator, which is always a good conversation starter when people come over πŸ™‚

  2. I love your medal and bib display! How awesome is that?? πŸ™‚

    Ease into running and you should be ok injury wise and ready for your first race! I’m really flirting with the idea of doing the Detroit Half this year, but part of me isn’t sure I’ll want to keep doing half marathons after the one in February. Detroit will be a closer to race decision for me, assuming they still have spots open!

    • Thanks! Hopefully it can stay looking as nice…though if I keep this up for a while, I might have to expand!
      Yeah I need to start doing my hip exercises and all that again. I might even do my 10k training plan again to get moving!
      DO ITTT!! Yeah there are still spaces left. I just got the early bird, so if I couldn’t do it for some reason, I won’t feel so bad losing the $55 vs. $115 later in the year. πŸ™‚

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