Things I Love Thursday!


Happy New Year Everyone! I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year and are fully recovered by now! Here is my first list of the year of the things I am loving this week!

♥ Not being sick
♥ Friends
♥ Looking forward to a better year
♥ Starting to think about running plans for 2014
♥ Curling up in warm blankets (that’s the plan for after work!)
♥ Big Hair
♥ Peppermints
♥ Interior decorating
♥ My little family
♥ Impromptu haircuts
♥ My (FINALLY) organized race wall
♥ Funny Pictures
♥ Big Scarves
♥ My Clarisonic brush
♥ Sparkly pink party nails
♥ Catching up on TV
♥ Cuddly puppies
♥ Lunch Dates

What are you loving this week? 
Anything that you’re really excited about coming up this year?


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