2013 Race Superlatives!

ANNND WE’RE BACK! Sorry for the unannounced hiatus. December hasn’t been too kind to me. I got sick right after Thanksgiving and had a week that I wasn’t sick, but was working really odd hours, and then right after that ended I got sick again! This time, WAYY worse.  It totally put a damper on my 30th b-day. But it still worked out to be a good one, in the end!

I did a lot of races this year… 11 total. That’s quite a few more than I originally planned on doing. But I’m happy I did every single one, even if they didn’t always turn out the way that I had planned! Here is  a rundown of some of my favorite things about my races in 2013!

Best 5k- Mustache Dache

1459212_10100302516177230_353771843_n  This race was pretty fantastic! It was smaller, so parking was a breeze. The mood of everyone was great! The spirit of the theme was easy to see and people had an awesome time getting into it!

Part of the awesomeness of this race was the course. It was along the Detroit Riverwalk and it was a beautiful (kind of cold and windy) Sunny day, so it was awesome being out there and enjoying it with everyone!

The after party was great too! If I had more time that day, I would have stuck around longer! There’s a strong possibility that I’ll run this one again next year!


Best 10k- Kona Chocolate Run


Despite there being some issues with the weather and the whole acquiring chocolate part, this was a really great race! I had done pretty much the same course for my first 10k earlier in the year, but this one was different. The crowd was bigger and more excited. There were some great costumes and the signup process was pretty simple to figure out.

Taking all of that into consideration, and the fact that it really was the best 10k that I ran (not a PR, but that doesn’t matter to me). It rained a bit, but it was warm out. Everything felt good and the feeling of it was one of fun. It made for a really great morning in the little town of Plymouth!

Hopefully they work out all the kinks that they had this year for next year’s race, because it was a really good one to round out my year and wouldn’t mind running it again!

Best Overall Race- Crim 10 Miler


This race was fantastic. Not just for me, but in general. I love the sense of community that I saw in Flint during this race. Sure there were some neighborhoods that the course went through that wasn’t the nicest, but the people were out spectating and getting into the whole thing. It was very well organized (besides the fact that people were in the wrong corrals…) and the volunteers were all great! As for me, personally, it was a great race! I went into it never running more than 7 miles and nervous about finishing, but I kept a good pace throughout and didn’t have any issues with injuries and though the last 2 miles were really tough, I managed to finish WAY before I thought I would! I hurt for days afterword, but I really didn’t mind because it was a major accomplishment!


Messiest Race– Gopher the Gold 10k


Heavy rain the night before + Trails=
One messy race!

The first half included 6 inches of water covering the paved trails at a few different spots and the 2nd half included all dirt and mud made for a slow and messy 10k. Was a little annoyed about this, but in the end, it was really fun!

(Honorable Mention- Color Me Rad)


Intentionally messy… And Rad.


Best Crowd Participation-
Crim 10 Miler/Detroit Freep half 


I mean….I was smiling for the entirety of the Crim simply because the people watching were so awesome. Entire neighborhoods got together to show their support. There was music and hoses and extra aid stations set up along the whole route. It was pretty fantastic.


The Detroit Free Press Int’l Half Marathon was probably my worst race this year. But the bright spot in a terrible no good very bad race was the really awesome signs that people made and the fact that they were out there just as long as most of us were cheering everyone on! Even when we crossed over into Canada, there were so many people supporting everyone, it was a really great environment to be in! All the support was a huge reason why I kept going even though I felt like I was dying.

Honorable Mention-
YMCA Father’s Day 10k

People were out having breakfast on their lawns and cheering everyone on. The kids with the drums were my favorite. A lot of support from the community made this an enjoyable race!

Best Medal- Mustache Dache/ Detroit Half



Best shirt-
Martian Invasion/ Lucky Dash



I know they are both green…but they are both awesome shirts that I actually wear quite a lot!

Honorable mention- Detroit Half/ Kona Chocolate Run



Best Expo- Detroit Free Press Marathon

This was the best organized expo with the largest amount of booths and stores for people to stop at! They also had the best selection of quality things there. I would go to this even if I didn’t plan on running the race even if it’s a bit out of the way. It was really awesome and had lots available to participants!

And that does it! Those are some of my favorite things about the races I ran in 2013! I hope to run a few of these again and a few new ones in 2014 (More about those soon!). I hope you guys all had a great year and have another one ahead of you!  See you next year! 😉


What were your favorites in these categories?

What was your favorite overall race you ran this year or in the past?

Any fun plans for New Years?


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