Thankful Thursday

Credit: Flikr Martha_Chapa95

Credit: Flikr Martha_Chapa95

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! (to those who celebrate it…if not…HAPPY THURSDAY!) This week I bring to you a very special edition of “Things I Love Thursday”! This week, it’s a top 10 list with explanations of things I am generally thankful for! Feel free to leave your list in the comments! Have a lovely day!

-My Boyfriend, Brett, for being generally awesome. He takes care of me, is really hard working and is a responsible human being. Spending time with him is all I ever want to do. He lets me be who I am (even if it embarrasses him sometimes…) and is supportive (even if that means waking up at 6am to go stand in the cold for an hour.) He’s the best.

-My Puppy, Winston, for being my puppy. Even if he takes up most of the bed and barks at nothing in the middle of the night and insists that he needs to go out (RIGHT NOW OH GOD PLEASE!) when it’s dark and freezing…He always makes me laugh and keeps me company when Brett isn’t around.

-My Parents. For being incredibly supportive, although I know that they aren’t crazy about me living so far away.  From venting hour long phone calls to pie emergencies at 10pm, to helping with replacements and repairs. They are always there, cheering me on.

– Brett’s Family for being really welcoming and lovely people. I really genuinely enjoy spending time around them all.

-My Friends. Even if it’s harder to see each other and life makes it difficult to find time to catch up, when I do get to see them and talk, it’s like a day hasn’t passed since the last time we saw one another.  I know that if I need something or someone, that they are there.

-My legs/feet for putting up with all the miles that I’ve been traveling and for helping me accomplish my goals this year.

-My Home. It’s not much…but I’m grateful to have it and everything that is in it.

-My Jobs. Not everything is awesome about them…but I’m happy to have a full time job that I have been at for over a year now and is steady work. And a part time job that I’ve technically had for about 2 years where I get to do awesome things at and learn the area. I’m really lucky that I have both jobs that I really enjoy working with my co-workers. They are both vastly different groups of people and lots of fun to be around.

-My RCIA class. It started out a little rough, but I very much enjoy discussing things with this group of people every week. I love the teachers and the speakers that come to the class and it makes me happy that there are people out there that are just so randomly supportive and lovely. I usually find that I’m in a great mood when I leave.

-Warm clothes…SERIOUSLY IT’S SO COLD RIGHT NOW. I’m just going to wrap myself in warm things for the next 5 months. and I will be thankful for every ounce of those things.

That’s just a short list. There are so many more things that I’m thankful for, I could go on for DAYSSS! But I won’t. I want to go eat all the things and spend time with my guests! I hope you have an awesome thanksgiving and and awesome week!

What are YOU thankful for this year?

What’s your favorite thanksgiving food?

Seriously, is anyone else as cold as I am right now?!


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