Weekly Workout Diary!



It’s the last serious week of workouts before the last race of the year! Horrah!

Don’t get me wrong, I like working out…but when I really need to get some sleep and I have a run hanging over my head, it’s really frustrating. Especially when I’m nervous about re-injuring myself and getting enough miles under my belt to make sure I can finish a 10k this weekend. I’m looking forward to at least a month of rest, foam rolling, calisthenics, and generally changing it up.

Here’s how the week went!

Saturday-  The Mustache Dache 5k– pushed a little and managed a 29:58

Sunday- Rest day Did some foam rolling and some thera-band exercises

Monday- Extra rest day… Knee bothered me a little bit, so gave it some more time.

Tuesday- Woke up early and hit the gym. Not before scraping the frost off of my car. I think it’s official that it’s treadmill time of year. Was trying to get up to around 4 miles, but ran out of time. I only managed to run 3.85 this day. Tried out my new shoes for the first time also!
Run Summary- “3.85 miles! New shoes rock!”

Wednesday- Regular rest day. Knee bothered me a little. Did thera-band exercises.

Thursday- Really made an effort to get to the gym, but could barely open my eyes when I needed to. Decided to switch my Friday rest day to Thursday.

Friday- Somehow pulled myself out of bed and hit the gym. My goal was 5 miles, but only had time for 4.75. Not too bad.  The time went by faster today than it did on Tuesday. I think I just need to get the feel for treadmill running again.
Run Summary-  “4.75 today! Phew!”

After running today, I think I’ll be alright on Sunday. Just so long as I don’t push super hard, I’ll be fine. This will be pretty much the same course that I ran for my first 10k in June (where I got my PR),  so I know what expect. I just have to feel things out and hope for the best.

Official running shoe of the Smurfs?

Official running shoe of the Smurfs?

I’m happy to announce also, that I got a new pair of shoes this past Saturday. I did a lot more research this time and talked to more people. I ended up getting a pair of Brooks Glycerin shoes.  I’m not too crazy about the look of them…but I wasn’t crazy about the look of my Mizunos when I got them either. I guess they’ll grow on me! Just kind of sad that I won’t be running any races in them for a few months…Unless I decide that I miss it too much and attempt a 5k or something in January or February! I’ll review them in a few weeks when I’ve put some more miles on them.

Have a great weekend!

What kind of running shoes do you have?

Do you run outside in the winter?

How do you pass the time on the treadmill?


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