Weekly Workout Diary!


ANNNNDDDD She’s back!

So my 2 week hiatus/mandatory (according to my knee) rest period has ended! I know I have to take the rest of the year easy and will be doing that. But at least I’m back out on the streets!

Saturday- Went to the gym for my first time out. Taped my knee up with KT tape (for ITBS Pain)  and started out using the elliptical for a warm up. I did .25 on the elliptical and moved to the treadmill for a mile. I got to about .60 miles and my knee started burning. It was a really odd feeling. I walked the rest of the way and did another .25 on the elliptical. Total of 1.5 miles.

Sunday- Rest day.  Did some Thera-band exercises for hip strength.

Monday- Rest day. Wanted to make sure my knee was okay before starting again.

Tuesday- Attempted a short run outside. No KT Tape. Was actually a really beautiful fall morning and that along with running 2.57 miles with no pain, made for a really great start to the day! I even got to wear my Blue Mizuno light weight Jacket!
Run Summary- “Yayyy! Slow, but no pain!! :)”

Wednesday- Rest day. Did Some Thera-band exercises. These things are so simple…but a really great tool for small strength movements. I can feel it working. This, along with foam rolling and stretching are now my anti-injury routine!

Thursday-  After rain all day on Wednesday,  I tackled running outdoors in the freezing cold. I figured I’d have to deal with it for the rest of the month at least…so I just bundled up and threw some gloves on! I was thinking of doing my 3+ mile routine, but decided that I shouldn’t push too much yet. I ended up doing 2.9 miles without any pain. (Just the numbness in my ears!) I’m actually quite excited to be back out…even if it’s a bit chilly.
Run Summary- “Another run… No issues! Cold though!”

Friday- Rest day. Will be doing some Band exercises before the day is out.

I’m taking this slow and just going back to the basic goal of completing a number of races this year. I have a 5k tomorrow and a 10k next weekend. I then only have the Christmas Story Virtual Race left to think about. I’ll do what I feel like I can handle that day and go easy. Then the plan is to rest up for another few weeks and continue my exercises so I can start my 2014 without any worries!

How was your week??

Anything exciting planned for the weekend?

What’s the best thing about running/being out in the cold?


One thought on “Weekly Workout Diary!

  1. For me, the best thing about running in the cold is the lack of humidity! I get so dizzy and sometimes almost pass out while running in humidity so I’m glad I don’t have to deal with that for a few more months!

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