Holiday Wishlist Ideas!

Okay…So you love to run/workout/be active/play with fun gear/be comfy…Well, I have some suggestions for some things you might want to add to your Holiday wishlist this year.

These are things that I’ve found throughout the year that I’ve piled into a Pinterest board. Some of these are pretty cool little gadgets that might be a little on the expensive side…but that’s why it’s a wishlist!

Hope you find something to add to your list!



Pro-compression Marathon socks in Purple- $50
(Try to look for a coupon code online…they usually have one for at least 10% off somewhere)







CW-X Endurance Generator Tights– $170
(The stripes act kind of like KT tape…)









Pearl Izumi Infinity Shrug– $45
(sometimes you just need sleeves)








Albion Fit Go Long Legging in Cobalt– $78
(Perfect shade of blue, if you ask me!)








Albion Fit East Coast Hoodie- $78
(I love the length of this!)






Gadgets and Gear


Garmin Forerunner 620– $399.99 – 449.99
(This is like a computer for your wrist. whoa.)








Garmin Forerunner 10– $129.99
(The less expensive computer for your wrist)







Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones–  $93.50
(I’ve heard really good things about these and would solve the annoying cord problem)







noxgear Tracer360 Light vest– $54.50
(It’s like a portable disco for dark runs!)








The Stick Travel Roller Massager– $27.50
(Kinda wish I had one with me right now!)









Leather Duffle Bag From Etsy– $69
(Roomie and pretty!)







Lululemon Falling Freely Ear Warmer– $38
(Looks cozy and warm!)








KT Tape PRO– $20
(Always good to have on hand!)





Have Anything interesting on YOUR wishlist?

Have you been good this year?

Would you spend close to $500 on a wrist computer??


7 thoughts on “Holiday Wishlist Ideas!

  1. We definitely have the same taste in running goodies…love all of it! I definitely think that Garmin is way over priced unless it can cook me dinner and do my hair in which case, sign me up sister!

    I’m so bad at keeping up with wish lists but I have most definitely been good this year :).

  2. Thanks for posting! I was just asked what I want for Christmas last night, I may need to ask for some of this! And I have the Garmin Forerunner 10 and LOVE IT!

    • If I were to use a Garmin…as fancy as the fancy one is…I’d probably be worried that I’d lose it or something so I’d just stick with the 10. But YAY! Ideas! 🙂

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