Good Stuff.



I’ve always tried to live by this, but it’s important when things aren’t going as well as you had hoped. In a comments conversation yesterday with OliveToRun in her post about how to deal with Injuries as a runner, we both fully agreed that the key to dealing with any kind of injuries is to look on the bright side. I choose to enjoy the fact that I can sleep more instead of being upset that I can’t run in the mornings.
Changing perspective is one of the best tools in life. Just focus on the good stuff and the rest won’t seem so bad!


3 thoughts on “Good Stuff.

  1. AGREED!

    Something we all can be more diligent about. Its hard to find the bright side in any crummy situation but there always is one, I’m sure of it. Thats my inner optimist speaking out 🙂

    PS – YAY for 13.1 magnet on the car!!!

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