Weekly Workout Diary!


It’s not on my list, but it’s on everyone else’s, right??

Another week, down! That means in 48 hours from now, I will have run my 1st half marathon! Eep! So let’s go over this week and we’ll look ahead to next week and pee our pants!

Saturday-  Rest day

Sunday-  Rest day, but walked a lot on a nature trail…probably more than a half mile total… Should have turned my Nike App on! haha

Monday-  1.38 miles to ease my way back into activity. I managed this one after work before it got dark…and it actually felt pretty decent.
Run Summary- “Getting back on track! Quick warm up run!”

Tuesday-  3.76 miles in the early hours. Had to get used to running in the cold pretty quickly. Had to remember how to breathe!
Run Summary- “A little bit of pain on the last mile, but nothing crazy. Good run!”

Wednesday-  Lots of stretching and foam rolling… The big blue foam cylinder has become my BFF this past week… Though it’s now the official frenemy of my IT bands! I did however get as much sleep as I could this morning because it is my last “sleep late” morning until next week!

Thursday-  Another early run. 2.51 miles. I may have attempted more if I had a bit more time (used it all stretching and rolling) and didn’t eat so close to my run (My stomach gave some serious thought to jumping ship). But I think this was a good amount to do for the day.
Run Summary- “Just a quick and easy run! Rest before the race… Commence!”

Friday- Early shift at work, so no runs…lots of rest and hydration. Also I will try my hardest to stretch a foam roll before bed tonight!


As I’ve probably mentioned in every post this week…The Detroit International Half marathon is happening this weekend! I will be running into Canada over a bridge and back to the US through a tunnel (I know I will have a strong urge to sing “Under the Sea” while I’m doing it…)!  It’s exciting but a bit nerve wracking because it’s 3.1 more miles more than I’ve ever run. I struggled a bit with the last 2 miles in August when I ran the Crim, so I’m a bit nervous about the last bit. But hopefully I can work it out.
My goals for this race are: A) 2:20:00 ish finish b) 2:30:00 ish finish and C) Cross the finish line and don’t die.  2:20:00 would require me to finish with the same pace I had in the Crim… 2:30:00 allows for a little wiggle room with that pace and of course, my ultimate goal in any race is to not be dead. So hopefully I can AT LEAST accomplish that!

I’ll let you know on Monday how it went (full recap, probably Tuesday)…if there’s a post. I’m most likely still alive! Have a great weekend!

Do you have any exciting plans this weekend?


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