Best Race Theme Ever??!

What if I were to tell you that you have the chance to run the best holiday themed race ever this year??  Yes, you! Wherever you are in the world, YOU can run it along with people everywhere! “What is this magical holiday race?”, you may ask…Well! Let me tell you!

a christmas story

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Movie “A Christmas Story”!  The main event takes place on December 7th in Cleveland, OH and benefits the community that the movie was filmed in ! If you go, you can even go visit the actual house! It’s a museum!

BUT! The really awesome thing about this race is that you don’t have to be in Cleveland on December 7th to run it! They have a virtual option! Regular virtual, as well as International and International military options!

What I think is the best thing about this whole race, and what clinched it for me, is the amazing medal that you get for participating!


Guys….GUYS! It’s A MAJOR AWARD! How can I NOT want to add that to my medal collection for this year?! How could YOU not?!
The virtual race, for $45 entry, includes: commemorative race bib, official long sleeve race shirt, and the commemorative limited edition race medal. (The cost is higher for the international race, but you still get all the awesome swag! ) You can choose to run the 5k or the 10k and let’s be honest…you don’t really even HAVE to run, since it’s virtual…but why wouldn’t you?

If you aren’t quite sure about the premise of the virtual race, basically you are registered on the race roster, get all the stuff (shirt, bib, medal) sent to you and you can run it wherever and whenever you want! You could even hit a treadmill at the gym to complete it. Just make sure you show off that Major Award, after!

You also might want to consider dressing up as your favorite charecter! Randy in a Snowsuit? The local Bully, Scut Farkus? Best Buds, Flick and Schwartz? Ralphie in Aunt Clara’s Pink Bunny Suit?! Or you could go a little more obscure and dress as the Leg lamp, “Fragile” box, Mean Santa, or one of The Bumpuses’ Hounds!


I heard about this race from fellow blogger Detroit Runner, who is planning a meetup to run the 10k (or 5k if you’d rather). All the info is on his blog and he also has a Facebook Event  for easy RSVP (if, of course, you are within driving distance of the Metro Detroit area)!

If you want to sign up to run with us (or put together your own group!), All the info you need to know can be found HERE. Registration links and FAQ are also found on that site! International registration cutoff is November 1st, US Virtual and Actual race registration cutoff is November 15th! Race packets will be delivered no later than December 1st!


Have you run a Virtual Race before?
What character would you dress up as??


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