Weekly Workout Diary!


My friends, I’m afraid you are going to be quite bored with my weekly workout diary this week…I took the weekend off to rest up a bit and didn’t hit the gym again until Tuesday morning. I got in there all set to try for 8 miles again… and I got to about 6 and my hip issue became a little more painful then annoying and I decided I had enough. Up until then, everything was good…but I hit 6 and just couldn’t run anymore. I walked the last mile so that I got 7 in.

It’s a pretty annoying situation, and probably something I should get looked at eventually. Sometimes it bothers me and sometimes it doesn’t. So I took this week off to rest and ice and stretch and foam roll as much as I can.

The Foam rolling is the hardest for me to do. My arms are super weak, so it’s difficult to hold my weight on them. I do the backs, the fronts and this week I started to roll my IT bands….because that’s also connected to my hip issue. I’m telling myself to rest up and hydrate for the next few days…I’ll run shorter distances and keep icing, stretching, and rolling next week leading up to the half marathon on the 20th.

Sometimes you have to know when to take a step back…ya know?

How was your workout week?

Anything exciting planned for this weekend?


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