Weekly Workout Diary!


Hello and Happy Friday!


Maybe I should just wear this?

This post comes to you from the depths of my freaking out about my first half marathon that is happening in 16 days. 16 DAYS! My parents are flying in from New York, and my Boyfriend’s sister is coming all the way from Florida to run it with (at the same time as?) me! I have the full long weekend all mapped out and now I’m just trying to put together my outfit. It’s hard this time of year to know just what exactly you should wear because it’ll probably start out cold…but then be warmer, but did I mention that this was an international race to Canada? So there will be bridges and tunnels to traverse so it’ll be cold and then probably hot! AND WHAT IF IT RAINS?! AHH! I’ve been looking through pictures of last year’s race to see if I can get some idea of what to wear. Right now I’m thinking t-shirt with a long sleeve layer on top. I can always tie it around my waist and re-attach my bib to the tee. or the tank…will it be warm enough for a tank?? I can also look into some cheap gloves and a hat for the starting line…

See what I mean? FREAKING. OUT.

ANYWAY…I think I’m kind of proud of my workouts this week to be honest. Didn’t end the way I wanted it to…but I still tried.

Saturday- Rest day…Had to rest up for the Race…

Sunday-  Ran the Brooksie Way 10k! You can see how that went HERE
Run Summary-  “If I wasn’t going downhill, I was going uphill. That was not a fun Sunday morning.”

Monday- Rest day…I needed it after all those hills!!

Tuesday- Normally I wouldn’t have run because things were still kind of hurting, but I figured it might be better if I took myself out on a shorter run to get things moving again. I did an easy 1.5 mi. Everything hurt.
Run Summary- “Gotta keep my legs moving..Even if they don’t want to!”

Wednesday- Went out for a full run and wasn’t in the darkness for long, so that was fun! I ended up running 6.4 miles and was quite happy with how it felt. That short run the day before probably helped me immensely! Might have to make that a habit!
Run Summary- “Did that better than expected!”

Thursday- Crazy busy rest day

Friday- The forecast was rain, so I got up bright and early to get myself to the gym. My goal was 8 miles. I’ve done 7 on a treadmill before so I wasn’t worried… Turns out though…not running on one for 4 months, you kinda forget how. I got my pacing all wrong and wore myself out like crazy. Just over halfway through I had to get a circuit training recruiter off my back:


GUY: (Climbs on treadmill next to me to get my attention) HEY THERE! We are going to start our circuit class soon! Wanna join us!?
ME: (running and sweating profusely) No thanks! I have to get this run in!
GUY: Well, we have some cardio in it!
ME: NO THANKS. I’m training for a half marathon. (Read:GO AWAY!)
GUY: Ohhh… (Walks away)


Really. Don’t bother me. Plus there were a lot of different news shows on the TVs talking about a lot of different things…It was all a little much for someone used to running on empty streets in the early hours of the morning! I got to about 5 miles and just felt spent. I tweaked my hip injury while running errands last night so that was kind of painful and I was dripping sweat and exhausted, so I stopped just past 6. Kind of annoyed about it all…but I’m not gonna push it. I know I can do 10 miles, so at the very least I’ll walk the last 3.1 if it comes to it.

Now it’s time to relax for a day or two… take care of these aches and pains!

How was your workout week?

Any suggestions to ease my mind on the half marathon wardrobe front??

Have a good weekend!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Diary!

  1. Ah! What day are you coming to the expo for your Half?
    I am working the 5k packet pick-up on Saturday morning. Come say hi if you are there!
    I am not running it for one reason…I don’t want to deal with all the traffic. Ugh!
    You’ll do great, it is a fun one to do!

    • I’ll be going early on Saturday morning! If I see you, I’ll say howdy! 🙂
      So there’s lots of traffic?? Hmmm….I still have to get all my logistics worked out (parking, timing, maps, etc…) Starting to get really anxious for it! eep!

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