Weekly Workout Diary!

12jpegBit by bit things are getting back to normal…

Saturday: I got up early before I had to work my weekend shift and went for it. I probably scared some guy and his dogs half to death a few times…(it was dark out and he apparently didn’t hear me coming) but it was fairly decent. I ended up running 6.4 and it didn’t feel awful while I was doing it.
Run Summary:  “My Legs aren’t happy…but I did 6!”

Sunday:  Rest day – My whole body wasn’t happy with Saturday’s Run…

Monday:  Rest day

Tuesday:  Did my App workouts…Skipped the legs because mine were STILL recovering!

Wednesday:  Sucked it up and finally made myself run in the cold. It was about 44 degrees out and dark. I made use of a zip up running sweatshirt that I’ve had for YEARS and some running tights.  A mile in, I was sweaty.  Sooo it wasn’t so bad. I guess I don’t have a cold weather excuse unless it gets about 10 degrees colder! I ran 6.36 miles.
Run Summary:  “Cold out…But still sweating! PHEW!”

Thursday:  Rest Day. -Had the Heebiejeebies all night and couldn’t sleep. So my App workout day had to be sacrificed for a bit more sleep.

Friday:  I know I said that I wouldn’t run less than 5 until my half marathon, but I have a 10k this weekend and needed to run, but didn’t want to push my legs too much. So I just did a nice 5k+ this morning. Still got my run in, but took it easier on myself so that I can try to do well on Sunday!
Run Summary:  “Phew! Not bad!”

As I just mentioned, I have a 10k on Sunday. It will be my first 10k since July. And that one wasn’t all that great. I’m looking forward to trying to beat my previous time and possibly get a new PR…But we’ll just have to wait and see how it goes. That PR was not a fun one to get!

Next week, I have to start to run upwards of 7 miles a few times. I’m going to really try to at least do another 10 mile run before the half…But we’ll see if I can find the time to get that done. I may have to hit the gym and attempt it on a treadmill if the weather doesn’t hold up and I can’t go when it’s light out! Eep!

How was your workout week?
Are you doing anything exciting this weekend? 


5 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Diary!

    • Not lame at all! I’m excited for my 10k! I’m in awe that you can do that for a workout! I think I run better when I’m with people and races are the only time I have that. If you love running, then BE EXCITED! 😀

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