Things I Love Thursday!


This reminds me of home….

♥ Cool weather
♥ Scarves
♥ Finally being the proud owner of a pair of Minnetonka Kilty Suede Hardsole Moccasins!
♥ Thinking about camping
♥ My little family
♥ Gourmet Macaroni and Cheese
♥ New reading glasses from Bonlook!
♥ Regular network shows coming back
♥ Stretching
♥ Caffeine
♥ Looking forward to friends and family visiting
♥ Plotting my next sewing project
♥ Movies that make you think
♥ A good night sleep


6 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday!

  1. My team got me a $50 Starbucks gift card for my going away gift. You can tell caffeine and seasonal lattes are some of my favorite things. Haha! My boyfriend made GF mac & cheese the other day with goat cheese. It was awesome – if you ever get a chance to experiment with goat cheese, do it!!!

    • Ohh That’s awesome! 🙂 My seasonal drink of choice is warm apple cider. NOM NOM NOM! And the Mac and Cheese sounds amazing! There is a Mac and Cheese place at Great Lakes Crossing and Sommerset that is just my absolute favorite! I’d eat there every day if I could!

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