Gear Update!

This is a follow up to my original Running Gear post that you can find HERE.

One of the things that motivates me most about running, is buying the things that help me get the job done. Clothes and Gear! It makes it easier when you want to try something new and exciting out. Changes up your routine a bit and gives you something to focus on! Since my last post about gear, I’ve gotten some new things that I wanted to share with you!


I bought this because the Spi-Band just wasn’t cutting it anymore (and because I didn’t want to carry a bag at the amusement park!). This is the same idea as the flip-belt but I feel like it’s more secure.


It’s a band of spandex with 2 zipper pockets and one open top pocket. They vary in design depending on which one you get. I have the Standard Left Coast sister in black.  The best thing about this is that it’s low profile and it doesn’t move. I wore this for a day long trip to cedar point and it held everything I needed securely and comfortably!

I’m excited to wear it for the Detroit International Half- Marathon when I have to shove my passport into it and hope I don’t get “pulled over”! I’ll probably also put some snacks in it and maybe my camera! I’m not worried about it bouncing around at all! I’ve read reviews that say the open top pocket also can accommodate for a small water bottle!


Nike+ App


Can we just discuss for a minute how much I love the Nike+ App?
I started I had to go with the one expensive gadget I DO own…my iphone 5. I didn’t expect much out if it when I started… this back in May when I began to run outside. I don’t have the  hundreds of dollars to purchase a Garmin or any other super high-tech GPS watch.


I love that it tracks not only where you go, but your pace AND it has the calorie count, which for anyone trying to lose weight is very helpful! When you are done with your workout, you log how you felt, what kind of surface you ran on and what pair of shoes you have used so that you can track your shoe mileage so you know when to get new ones!


You can also keep track of your workouts in the past…I can look back and see how many miles I did on what day and with the ability to write notes, see the weather and log how I felt, i can remember the run perfectly!  It’s pretty awesome! It also plays your playlists, and gives you updates by the mile or minute! It’s just a fabulous App…oh and did I mention it’s free?

The only thing I don’t really understand with this is the Nike+ Points…they don’t really seem to DO anything…just gives you a sense of accomplishment? Maybe?  Also, there was one time when it posted to my facebook and logged my workout on a map of Brooklyn…near my old neighborhood. Which is kind of weird..but anyway, it’s only gotten it wrong once!


I LOVE my old headphones. They are fantastic…but I have had them for YEARS and they are starting to fall apart. Also, when it was very humid outside, they were very uncomfortable because they completely covered my ears. They weKSC32pre pretty sweaty when I finished!
So after hearing some good things, I decided to order a pair of Koss FitClips! I’m still getting used to them a bit, but I do like the fact that they fit right into my ear. I keep thinking I should try a smaller ear piece to see the difference (I’ve been using the largest), but they still work really well. I like that I can pull them out of my ears so I can hear, and they just hang there. When running in the dark, I also just tuck one up into my headband so I can hear even better. They are really lightweight too, which is awesome after running with some bulky headphones for the past 10 years. The only thing that has taken some getting used to, is when they are fully pushed into your ear you have a plugged feeling and I can hear myself huffing and puffing…which is annoying. But since they don’t make my old ones anymore, I’ll have to get used to something new. They work well for now and I’m happy I got them!

Do you have any cool gear to recommend?
Have you tried anything that I mentioned?


5 thoughts on “Gear Update!

    • Not the spi belt…I have the one that goes around your wrist that you just fold your keys etc. into. I’m sure the belts work alright…I just don’t trust that everything in the little pocket won’t bounce around to some degree…

  1. I haven’t seen that Hipster thing before, but have seen similar ideas. I haven’t found anything that I’m in love with that allows me to carry the gear I want and not have to hold onto it. You’ll have to let me know how you like your new purchase!

    I really like YurBuds – I have two pairs that I switch in between, depending on which pair I can find in the moment. Those Koss buds look neat, not sure how I would feel with them looped around my ear though. I get weird about things touching my skin when I don’t think they should. That’s weird, right?

    • I really love the Hips-sister…It’s pretty much exactly what I wanted to carry my things in! I recommend it!
      I’ve looked at yerbuds so many times but unfortunately they are a bit out of my price range! I’m used to running with ear clips on. I feel like they are WAY more secure than just buds. Those tend to fall out of my ears very easily. I can see what you mean about them touching the backs of your ear though…But honestly these really don’t. and they are rubbery, bendy, and really lightweight so that I hardly feel them there!

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