Weekly Workout Diary!

2e0f08e9c6a682a2f5dc1138b104fe22I know I’m about to totally not live by example following the above picture…but Life happens.

This week was another fail week in the books. BUT Tomorrow is a new day and another chance for me to be awesome…Right? Right.

Saturday: Rest day

Sunday: Sick day

Monday: Sick day

Tuesday: Rest day (I had the chance to sleep in later than usual, so I took it.)

Wednesday: I don’t want to call it a rest day…but honestly it was FREEZING out. I am seriously not ready for cold weather.

Thursday:  Determined to get moving again,  I rolled out of bed in the dark. I went to run my 6.5 mile route and decided about half way through, I didn’t have time for 6 miles. I left about 10 minutes too late. So I ended up running 5.5 Miles instead. Managed to keep every mile under 11 Minutes!  For the next month, this will be the least amount that I will allow myself to run unless I have a REALLY good excuse. So the every other day pattern starts here.
Run Summary:  “Tried for 6… Ran out of time! Not Bad!”

Friday: Rest day

A month from today, I will be running my first half marathon…I’m not gonna lie, I’m nervous.  I know I’m capable of doing it because the 10 miler was a breeze. I’d just like to be in a better place than I am.  So, 5 miles or more for morning workouts until I taper.
The failure feeling I have looking at this week written out isn’t as strong as it would be if I didn’t have reasons. Life happens and sometimes you just can’t do what you need to. Even if that reason is that you just need some extra sleep. I’m not hard on myself during weeks like this because I know I can pick it up next week.  But we’re entering crunch time.

Now I just have to dig out my warmer clothes so 40 degrees doesn’t seem so scary!

Have a fantastic weekend!!




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