Music Monday!

Happy Monday, Everyone!
I trust you all had a good weekend! I spent mine wrapped up in a tight corset, drinking honey meade, watching sword fighting, and stopping in ye olde shoppes at the Michigan Renaissance Festival! Then I spent the rest of it sick and under a blanket! Weee!

This week’s featured Workout song is hot off the presses! I JUST heard it over my lunch break and wanted to share with you, because This might just be my new motto! It will be added to my workout playlist tonight! It’s “Work Bitch” By Brittney Spears!

“You wanna hot body You want a Bugatti 
You wanna Maserati You better work bitch”


You want something? Work for it.


Do you have a new song that you’re all about?
How was your weekend?
Anything exciting happening for you this week?


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