Weekly Workout Diary!


Happy Friday! (And Friday the 13th at that!!!) I hope you’ve all had a productive and successful week! I know I’ve gotten my butt back in gear and have started my regular routine again! So that’s a relief!

Saturday: I slept in a bit more than I wanted and got myself out to run. In my head as I got ready I thought that It was going to be a bit cold out, so I wore my long pants and a t-shirt. The second I walked out the door I should have turned around and changed. It was INCREDIBLY Humid!! I ran 3.7 and felt like I was dying the entire time.  I came home and collapsed. It took a lot of time and a cute puppy to get me up again.
Run Summary:  “Oh God, That was the WORST EVER.”

Sunday: Rest day

Monday: Managed to get myself out of bed for another short run. Was a bit overcast out, and still humid.  Only let myself walk twice…which was much less than the previous run.  Ran 3.7 again.
Run Summary:  “That was MUCH better than the last run!” 

Tuesday: I got up and did a few workouts that I have Apps for. Abs, Butt, and Legs. Took about 20 minutes.

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday:  Once again got myself out of bed for a run after the humidity was too high the day before. I walked a lot less at the beginning and just kept going. Walked a little after 2 miles..I think I needed to because I somehow did a sub 10 minute mile, which is unheard of for me!  It was actually a pretty enjoyable run! Did 3.7 again. Will hopefully start adding on again for the next.
Run Summary: “I think I just did that in Racing pace…Kinda impressed…And very sweaty!”
(FUN FACT: My Nike+ app decided I was running in my old neighborhood in Brooklyn…Even though it would have no idea that I used to live around there… Weird.)

Friday: Got up and did my App Workout again. Another 20 minutes. Abs, Legs, and butt. As soon as I get some better hand weights, I’ll be adding on an arm workout.

I hope you all have a great weekend! I’ll be heading off to the renaissance Festival (which I will tell you all about, probably on Tuesday)! Good luck with your goals for next week!

Are you doing anything fun or different this weekend?
What is a workout that you do regularly?
What time of day do you workout usually?


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