A Quick Word About Injuries

I’ve been working against injuries since I started running. The more I run, the more issues I come across. Some things are temporary, some have plagued me since the start. So here’s a quick reminder of how to deal with injuries that may pop up along the way:

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor by any means…this is just what I’ve learned to do along the way and what works for me. Obviously, use your judgement and seek professional advice if you feel like you need to.


–  Whenever something starts bothering you, Rest it. Seriously.  I only run every other day because I know it’ll be too much to run more than that. I run, let myself rest and then go again the next day.
–  Invest in Ice Packs. I can’t tell you how many times this has helped me. Especially with my long standing knee issue.  I put an ice pack on it for a little while, and I feel as good as new!
–  I can’t speak much to the compression part of this. All I know is, I wore some compression socks for my last race, and my legs didn’t feel like wobbly noodles after…so it must be doing something, right?!
–  Elevation… Sure! Sounds good to me! That goes hand in hand with Rest!

I’ve found a magical tool that has helped me deal with my knee injury (my knee just doesn’t like long distances and when I put my foot down in a slightly incorrect manner…) It’s KT Tape!


Basically, it’s sticky elastic cotton that you apply in different ways to help support various muscles that need it! (The girl to the right is wearing it exactly how I do) There are a ton of videos and pictures online to show you how to apply it yourself. It takes a little practice to get it right, but once you do, I swear it helps! I wore it for my 10 miler that I ran last month and I felt very little pain during or after.
The only slightly tricky thing about KT tape is, you can’t touch the sticky side while applying it. It will lose all stick. I can’t tell you how many pieces I’ve wasted because the end wouldn’t stick! Also, icing with the tape on isn’t the best idea. The glue on it gets stickier with heat…cold peels it right off.  And the fun thing about it is, it comes in lots of fun colors! Always a bonus!
Tip: The lowest price I’ve found for this is at Walmart...though they’ve raised it by $1 recently. 😦

Also a good thing to remember…Stretch Before AND after you run. I can always feel the difference in my muscles if I don’t stretch after I run.

Just remember not to push yourself while injured. You could take something not-so-serious and turn it into a big deal.


Any Tips on how you deal with your injuries? Any fun injury stories to share?



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