Comfort Vortexes

comfy-bedLately my bed has turned into a comfort vortex, and I can’t pull myself out of it this week. Maybe It’s the changing of my work schedule, maybe it’s the weather/Changing of the season, maybe it’s the dark moon, maybe I’m just plain old exhausted… Who Knows! I just have a lot of trouble getting up to work out.

Normally I run in the morning because I go into work at 10. In theory, this should be wayyy easier than try to hop on a treadmill after a long day at work. IN THEORY.  But I go through spurts of time where I just can’t get out of bed.

This week I managed a 3.69 mile run on Tuesday morning. I took the week off after the 10 miler (and maybe this was my mistake), but I really didn’t want to push TOO much. Now I’m struggling to get moving again. I didn’t run yesterday because I felt exhausted. Then on my 2nd attempt this morning, It was just too cold. I’m just not ready to run in 40 degree weather yet. It’s ONLY SEPTEMBER!
So that leaves me to run tomorrow..Will I do it? I hope so! Luckily it’s a weekend and I have a bit more time and can run a bit later. I think that will help!

But just in case, I should probably pull out my long sleeves again.

What time of day do you run? is there a trick you have to make yourself get out of bed on rough mornings?  Are you sad to see summer go?



2 thoughts on “Comfort Vortexes

  1. I run at all different times of the day since I work from home, but usually I like to make it the first thing I do in the morning. And I’m totally with you on the not being able to get out of bed business – it’s been like that for me this whole week. I’m chalking it up to the seasons changing and my bed being super comfortable.

    Where do you live that it’s already 40 degrees? Bundle up!

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