Things I Love Thursday!

tumblr_static_tangled_lanterns (1)It’s Back! My favorite kind of blog post. I couldn’t blog 5 days a week without this little gem on Thursdays. So without further ado…The things that I love this week!

♦ My Little family…Those guys are my favorite
♦ My job. It’s the same as any office job, but I’m lucky to enjoy the people I work with
♦ My Running shoes. Oh Pink and Green Mizunos…I really do love you.
♦ Dexter…All Caught up! 3 episodes remain!
♦ BBC Radio1 Listening to it in the morning is sometimes the highlight of my day.
♦ Brownie Filled Chips Ahoy…OHHHH DEAARRRR
♦ Fall Weather, Summer wasn’t great, but I’m happy Fall is lovely so far!
♦ Plans
♦ My sewing machine…It occasionally doesn’t do what I want it to, but I still love it.
♦ Curling up in blankets at the end of a long day
♦ Big Fruity Alcoholic Beverages
♦ My Other job. I really do enjoy it, even on hot, sweaty, loud, busy days.
♦ Sleeping in

What did you Love this week?


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