What I Wore!

Part of getting myself ready for every race that I run, I treat myself to a new outfit. I can usually re-wear pants or shorts that I’ve used in the past, but I at least grab a new shirt to wear especially for that race!

I figured I would go through some race outfits and let you know where I have found some awesome things that I love, in the past!


The Lucky Run- Worried about running in the cold, I bundled up like crazy!

Shirt-  Long sleeve green Tech Shirt- Under Armor     (from Dick’s Sporting Goods)
Hoodie-  Tek Gear Fleece Hoodie– From Kohl’s
Pants-  Danskin Mesh Track Pants- From Walmart
Shoes-  Mizuno Wave Rider 16s

Gloves- $2 pair from Target
Fleece Neck- Handmade


Martian Invasion- This was another cold run…. More so than the last a month previous! Glad I was bundled again!

Hoodie- Under Armor From Sports Authority
Headband- Silver Sequins from Bondi Bands

Also- Green Tech Shirt, Danskin Pants, Mizuno Wave Riders


Color Me Rad- I didn’t care much about clothes for this run…they were going to get ruined anyway.

White Old Navy V-neck Tee
No idea where I got those shorts, I’ve had them forever!
Running Tights from Dick’s Sporting Goods

Mizuno Wave Riders
Color Me Rad Merch- Sunglasses and Bandana


Father’s Day Run- This was a little different, as I wanted to make my shirt this time!

Shirt- Plain Pink V-Neck Tee From Joann Fabrics
Shorts- Tek Gear Bike Shorts from Kohl’s (LOVE THESE)

Also, Mizuno Wave Riders and Bondi Band


Gopher the Gold- Finally! Some warm weather! I especially Love this outfit…too bad most of this race was in the muddy woods!

Shirt- FILA SPORT Racerback Performance Tank from Kohl’s

Also, Mizuno Wave Riders, Tek Gear Bike Shorts, Bondi Band


The Michigan Mile-  Last minute, thrown together. This is more like what I run in on an everyday workout. Though I’m still a huge fan of this shirt.

Shirt- Tek Gear Printed Performance Tank From Kohl’s
Headband-  Gunmetal Gray from Rawthreads.com

Also, Mizuno Wave Runners and Tek Gear Bike Shorts


  The Crim 10 Miler- Wanted this shirt for ages, got it so I could run faster! 🙂

Shirt- Buttercup Tank from Gymdoll.com
Socks- Marathon Black from Procompression.com

Also, Mizuno Wave Riders, Tek Gear Bike Shorts, and Bondi Band

Not seen:  C9 by Champion® Women’s Seamless Racer Bra from Target (Highly Recommended!)
Under Armor Women’s no show athletic socks from Dick’s Sporting Goods

As you can see, I’ve shopped at Kohl’s A LOT over the past few months…I’m not a huge fan of their clothes in general…but they have some really fantastic workout gear for very decent prices!  Other good places to look are stores like TJMaxx, Marshall’s, and Burlington Coat Factory! I’ve found some good things from there in the past!

Where do you do most of your “activewear” shopping? Am I missing anything amazing? What is your preferred race outfit?


5 thoughts on “What I Wore!

    • Ohh lululemon! My gym bag is from there! Got it on super discount! Ohh I’ll have to check out Nordstrom rack! Never thought of that! There’s a Nike factory outlet right by me… I like looking there every now and again 🙂

  1. I love that you remember all of this! Haha, pictures help of course. I love buying new running stuff. I have three drawers full that I need to pair down – but you know how it is in the Midwest – we need to be prepared for ANYTHING (and that means lots of layers)! I love Oiselle. Their shorts are by far the best shorts I’ve ever run in – lots of pockets, too! If you ever want to try any of their stuff, let me know. I can snag you a discount code 🙂

    • Haha yeahhh I haven’t shopped much this year so I’m able to remember what I bought, where!
      I’ve actually just started hearing about Oiselle! I looked at their site the other day and their stuff is really nice! Little bit pricey…but not bad! 🙂

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